I-70: Western Run, this game rated X, for extreme

Driving Interstate 70 in Utah between Green River and Salina is much like a video game. At any time one or more of the following may decide to spontaneously cross the roadway: deer, elk, rabbits, boulders. While driving at night, you may want to get the best view of possible “Frogger obstacles” ahead by turning on your brights. Don’t do this. The ridiculous amount of dust and/or sand in the air (you are in a desert after all) causes the brights to fuzz out all view ahead.

Just after figuring out the lights thing, and after seeing my first roadside elk, was when I noticed the cool sign: Slippery When Wet. While I was in a desert, this didn’t increase my confidence in the surface of the road. Maybe this was also because the road looked like a pretzel even though it was an interstate (Eisenhower would be saddened) and was never banked in any way.

Summing up: You can be travelling at the speed limit of 75 mph along a really curvey road, when all of a sudden you must avoid a falling boulder and 3 deer sprinting across the road. While beginning evasive manuevers, you hit a slick patch in the non-banked road, causing you to careen over the ledge onto the canyon floor 200 feet below. Wii has nothing on I-70.



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5 responses to “I-70: Western Run, this game rated X, for extreme

  1. “Evasive maneuvers, Number One! Lock on photon torpedoes! Fire all phaser banks! Brace for elk impact!”

    Very exciting!


  2. You are a nerd. Wow.

    *staggers left, abruptly stops, cha-chas right, grabs desk in a pike position*

  3. That’s like the third time this week someone used that term in reference to me.

    Hmmm… perhaps that should be telling me something.

  4. Hey, nerdy girls can be cute too. Don’t run away from it.

  5. I’m embracing my inner nerd.


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