Where Blipey has been the last 2 weeks

That’s from the top of Loveland Pass, Colorado, elevation 11,990 ft.
I haven’t posted any photos of the tour in quite some time, so I thought I’d fix that. The last two weeks have been spent in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah. Below the fold are a few more of the very cool things I’ve seen.

The first is at the Ames Memorial just outside Cheyenne, WY.

And then driving to Naturita, CO.

The winding road to Delicate Arch in Arches National Park.

Some very cool petroglyphs on the trail to Delicate Arch.

And Delicate Arch



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6 responses to “Where Blipey has been the last 2 weeks

  1. Very beautiful images, blipey!

    I really like the one on the way to Naturita, CO, and the one of the petroglyphs.


  2. thanks.

    The petroglyphs were very cool and down a small detour, worth taking a look.

    The literature at the park said the Indians never took up year-round residency at Arches National Park, just following game in occasionally. It makes me wonder why they bothered to do the petroglyphs. Maybe they thought the site was sacred and travelled there for special occasions?

  3. max

    Arches is kind of spooky. It looks like alien land to me and when the wind blows and you are among all those rock formations, it gets pretty spooky. Beauiful though. In a real alien way. I did not see the petroglyphs when I was there. Dumb me.

  4. Don’t feel bad, Max. You’d have to notice the sorta small sign off to the side of the path. Kind of a moment of discovery for the nerdy kids.

  5. max

    Oh my knee quit on that trek I was lucky I saw arches at all, and double lucky I had an emergency beverage on me for the hour or so I had to sit in blazing sun waiting for it to take my weight again. Off the beaten path was out of the question so lucky for me I get to see your photos.

  6. Wyoming

    Naturita, Colorado??? You should read John Dunning’s book Sign of the Book. I really like him as an author since he writes about the used and rare book as a person who has been in the biz. He owned the Old Algonquin book store in Denver for a good number of years. His mysteries evolve around the hunt for, counterfeiting of, and sale of rare books. This story’s setting is ….. you guessed it, right down there around Naturita. A easy and entertaining read.

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