Blipey uses the Batman Logic

A couple of weeks ago I wondered why there was a phone in my hotel bathroom. I was assured that it wasn’t just that I was in Kansas.

Well today, in Utah, I walked into my hotel bathroom and discovered a phone.

Some people may let this situation throw them. I remembered a scene from Batman (1966) and this really helped me out. My thought process:

1. Kansas starts with “K”
2. Utah starts with “U”
3. Taken in chronological order, this spells “KU”
4. KU is populated with Jayhawks
5. Jayhawkers are strange, at best
6. Phones in bathrooms are strange
7. Holy Alexander Bell, Batman, a degree from KU qualifies you to install phones in hotel bathrooms!



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6 responses to “Blipey uses the Batman Logic

  1. Thank for making this valuable information available to the public.

  2. No problem. I figure a little poking fun at KU makes my day a bit happier (as my team got hammered by Baylor and didn’t even get invited to the Not Invited Tourney).

  3. Inez or moi? If you’re referring to me, I know a good counsellor you can see.

  4. max

    You, Blipey. Inez does not have a bat suit.

  5. Wyoming

    The “Not Invited Tournament” may mean little to the super jocks and jockettes of this world but for those of us in Wyoming it was a great tournament. The Cowgirls won it all and they did it right here in Laramie.

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