To Austin we trip…

…in order to trip in Austin.

No, not like that. The total mental disconnect will be even greater, however. DaveScot, the blog czar at Uncommon Descent, once invited me to look him up whenever I was in Austin. He also threatened to kill me with chainsaws–looking forward to it.

So, after many months of touring the country the opportunity has presented itself. I will be in Austin, TX on May 12 and 13. I’m sure we will talk about the wonders of Intelligent Design, how exactly he violates the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics by typing, why gravity is the strongest force in the universe, and why every Tom, Dick and Harry should be allowed to decide school curriculum.

Actually, I expect that we won’t discuss any of these things because DaveTard will be conveniently absent. We’ll see; the improbable does sometimes occur.

It seems I may have another tour booked talking to crackpots. Here and here.

If you have any questions that you would like me to ask DaveScot, post them here or at the original thread.



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13 responses to “To Austin we trip…

  1. JujuQuisp

    Can you try to take pictures of DaveScot? I’d like to have proof that the guy actually exists.

  2. Yes. This is one of my motivations of seeing him. I’ll try to get a pose in public. Maybe I’ll give him a chainsaw and let him go wild.

  3. slp

    Sure – ask him why a tough-guy former Marine trained to kill built like a football player would have to threaten people with weapons…

  4. slp

    Funny that Joe G did not address these issues:

    Remember that we agreed that it should include:

    1. the names of scientists you have debated

    2. topics that you humiliated them on

    3. dates and locations that these whippings took place

  5. slp

    Sorry for the extra posts –

    One thing we have to remember is that the interpretation of the outcome of a ‘debate’ by a creationist is almost always substantially different than reality suggests.

    Joe may well believe that he ‘won’ all these debates, while in reality all those observing the debate would declare him a sound loser.

    One of Joe’s old pals, electrical engineer creationist Fred Williams and I were ‘discussing’ molecular phylogenetics several years ago, and Williams boasted that he preferred debating PhD holding scientists so that it would be more impressive when he beat them – this occurred while we were debating his claim that “informed evos” know that SNPs are removed from DNA sequences prior to performing phylogenetic analyses. I explained repeatedly that this was not so, but Williams claimed victory. Then, a PhD geneticist informed Williams that I was “running circles around” him and he did “not even know it”.
    Williams balked, again declaring himslef ‘winner.’

    That is what these people do. This is how their minds work. I don’t know if it is a conscious thing to ‘sway’ the ignorant, or if they truly believe it.

  6. No problem slp, I usually prefer content over anything else–unless the something else is super funny.

    As for Joe not addressing the reason for my visit: he doesn’t have any of the proof. We (myself, Zachriel, others) once asked him what scientists he had humiliated as claimed on his blog. He told us he wouldn’t tell us unless we came to his house. Of course he just said that to cover up his not having debated any scientists. Stupid people don’t often think past the current step. They don’t realise that one of the hallmarks of intelligence is planning, thinking ahead.

  7. Well, I left a message at FTK’s that said I was willing to meet him on Saturday or Monday. We’ll see if there’s an excuse for those dates as well. Though I accept Mother’s Day as a perfectly valid reason for not meeting me.

  8. Interesting that he wouldn’t leave the message here, me not banning anyone and all. Oh well, habits die hard I suppose.

  9. Rich

    He’s up for monday. Check out FTKs blog.

  10. Rich

    Blipey. Did you survive?

  11. Well, it’s NEXT month. But I emailed him nd he has yet to respond, so I don’t think he’s up for Monday the 14th either. We’ll see.

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