Anyone know a good counsellor for DaveScot?

Yes. Dave has eplied again. I think it is interesting to note the issues he addresses and the ones he does not. Violence is a big issue for Dave, maybe someone should look in on him before he hurts someone? His latest communication in two parts. The first is about the meeting. For those of you who just want a funny look inside the mind of a true moron, read the second part about his diet, bodytype, and powerlifting abilities. GO TEXAS!!!

DaveScot’s last email:

Look dummy. I have nothing at all I want to civilly discuss with you and
given you sign all your ATBC comments calling me a whore the only thing that
will transpire is me losing my temper and wanting to hurt you. Given you’re
20 years younger than me, taller, and in better shape it would be ill
advised to not use a weapon and that leads to all sorts of bad things in a
public place; serious injury, police, and jail for one or both of us. Any
way I look at this it works out the same way – nothing to gain and a lot to

In Texas if you’re on private property uninvited and the legal occupant
perceives you to be a threat, catches you vandalizing or stealing, use of
whatever force is necessary to subdue the interloper is not a criminal
offense although you can still be sued in civil court. It’s called the
“Castle Doctrine”. About a dozen states have it now but it’s been that way
in Texas forever. The owner or legal occupant is not obligated by law to
either retreat or rely on the police. Stealing so much as a lousy chicken
can get you legally shot by the owner. In September a new law that that the
governor signed this month goes into effect that extends the Castle Doctrine
from your home to include your car and workplace and it also prohibits civil
suits for wrongful injury in criminal trespass cases. So on September 1,
2007 there’s no risk at all in defending people or property with deadly
force. There isn’t much risk now as judges and juries seldom if ever award
wrongful injury or wrongful death damages to criminal trespassers and
vandals caught in the act but even so defending against civil suits can get
very expensive. In September you don’t even have to worry about the cost of
a lawyer anymore. Don’t mess with Texans. Mind your own business here or
get shot dead. Perfect.

I really don’t want to hurt you so stay away from my home. I already
consider you a threat, informed you of it, and got a reply to prove you
know it. We have caller ID on the listed number and no one picks up on
names or numbers they don’t recognize. Anyone who needs to reach us gets us
on our cell phones. It’s really just there for outgoing calls and
emergencies. I’d cancel it altogether and save $20/mo. but my wife doesn’t
trust cell phones to work in emergencies and landlines from the phone
companies always work come hell or high water. They don’t even need

Thanks for compliment on the diet but it’s no big deal. I’m an extreme
mesomorph. We’re the ones who can pile on or take off bulk with little
effort – our bodies are like putty we can sculpt quickly and easily. You
recognize us by our V shape. My hips are 13 inches wide and my shoulders
are 21. Even when I let myself go to a new record high of 240 recently my
chest and shoulders were still much wider than my waist and hips. I dropped
40 in three months no sweat. I’m considering how far down to go. 160 was
my Marine Corps weight and my aging joints will appreciate that but I like
how I look more between 180 and 200. Either way it’s another 3 months of
focused but not very intense effort. I need to add 10 pounds of lean muscle
mass (which just means eating lots of protein and working out with as much
heavy weight as I can tolerate 20 minutes a day) for the higher weight and
actually lose muscle mass for the lower weight. I hate the thought of
sacrificing any lean muscle mass as it’s a lot easier to lose than to regain
and the older you are the harder it gets. Mesomorph is the only body type
found on professional body builders, most boxers, sprinters, quarterbacks
and others needing a lot of upper body strength for their sport.
Powerlifters, wrestlers, and linebackers need to be more endomorphs. They
have pear or apple shaped bodies. The larger hips are indispensible in
revolving massive weights and force around the midsection. They have a
problem adding muscle mass though and don’t shed fat easily but gain it
easily. If they don’t train religiously they just get fatter and rounder.
Virtually all football players over 280 are endomorphs. Sumo wrestlers are
extreme endomorphs. The third body type is ectomorph. These are narrow
hips and narrow shoulders. A stick figure. They can’t gain weight to save
their lives. Distance runners and other endurance athletes need this body
type. If they don’t train they just get weak and thin instead of strong and
thin. Healthwise it’s the best body type to have. Few people are extreme
in any category but the mix is important in selecting the right diet,
exercise, and competitive sport. Before the Soviet Union collapsed they
used to screen all children by body classification then route them into an
appropriate sports training program and harvest their Olympic athletes from
that stock. They did the same thing with mental classification and
harvested their scientists, teachers, engineers, etc. that way. It’s how
they managed to compete with us for so long. Little money or natural
resources but talent was perfectly placed throughout society. We’d probably
all be Soviets today if it weren’t for corruption in their government and
slackers on the job. “To each according to their need and from each
according to their ability.” [Karl Marx] Looks good on paper but doesn’t
work in reality.

Have a safe trip.



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21 responses to “Anyone know a good counsellor for DaveScot?

  1. Gwaallyy. If that is an original document, ol’ DT has a very sick mind. That is a profesional assessment.

    He is obsessed with death, imagined threats and killing.

    I think he is a person with significant potential for violence directed at innocent, non-threatening people.

  2. Arden Chatfield


    I find it odd that Dave thinks YOU are the threat…

    So does this mean no breakfast at Stucky’s with old Dave? Darn.

    Still think he’s hiding something. No boat, dogs that lick all strangers, 4 inches shorter than he says, boring house in the burbs, wife who henpecks him, there’s *something* he’s embarrassed by.

  3. there’s *something* he’s embarrassed by.

    Gee. I wouldn’t know what that would be. Maybe this would be a good place to search.

  4. Like, Dembski will dump him because he is an embarrassing twit?

    I doubt it. I’ll bet DrDrDembski is afraid of DT.

  5. I’ll bet Dembski is afraid of him, he’s a little off (well, both of them are, but DaveScot may be a it touched).

    My comment was referring to what DaveScot should be embarrassed about, but obviously isn’t.

  6. The great autodidact and mass consumer of SciAm thinks that landline telephones “…don’t even need

    ‘Nuff said.

  7. Stephen Elliott

    Jim Wynne
    April 27th, 2007 at 10:05 am · Edit
    “The great autodidact and mass consumer of SciAm thinks that landline telephones “…don’t even need

    ‘Nuff said.”

    To be fair he is correct in a practical (everyday use of language) sense. You can still use your phone when the mains electricity to your house is down.

    I guess that is what DS means. I am in no way implying that telephones do not actually use electricity here.

    FFS. That is 2 days in a row I have defended DS. There must be something wrong with me.

  8. FFS. That is 2 days in a row I have defended DS. There must be something wrong with me.

    I’ll let it pass this time, stephen, but don’t let it happen again! OH, unless he’s right about something of course. Another difference between people living in the real world and IDiots–the correctness of the argument is all that matters.

  9. Wow, just catching up on this Blipey. Sorry to hear that Dave won’t meet with you. He sounds like a really fun-guy. Get it? Maybe not…

  10. Arden Chatfield

    I still think you should phone him when you get to Austin. What have you got to lose? Either you actually get to meet the beast himself, or you get to report about him screaming abuse at you before he slams the phone down. Either way, it’s win-win!

    Well. Provided he *doesn’t* come after you with a chain saw, that is. 🙂

  11. Wyoming

    Dave sounds like the type of guy who has spent countless hours in study and research so he can provide the world with a few laughs. To mock and ridicule his efforts shows total disregard for his efforts. Maybe your criticism would be better targeted at someone such as Michael Richards whose humorous schtick fails to tickle the funnybone. Dave obviously loves to tweek the passions of those who follow logical patterns of thought and believe that science does provide best-guess theories (I subscribe to the “theory” that nothing is for sure) that have proven reliable for generations.

    As to discussing anything with a creationist. . . . I have yet to hear of a discussion with a creationist. I have been told by creationists and lectured to by creationists and threatened with eternal damnation by creationists but to discuss issues . . . . ain’t happened yet.

    Good luck in Austin. What is the chainsaw of choice in Texas. As a kid, and still today, I believe nothing runs like a Stihl.

  12. J-Dog

    Thanks for the re-direct from ATBC! Dave is living proof of the need to upadte old aphorisms: It is better to not post at all and have people think you’re an idiot, than to post as DaveScot and let people see that you really are an idiot.. with a wierd, strange kind of behavior.

  13. Well. I guess all there is left to say is…


  14. Rich

    Oi Blipster..bit off topic:

    Does “juice the jam” mean anything to you, clown wise? Just read a *terrible* sales book written in part by a street entertainer.


  15. “Juice the jam”?

    Hmmm. Perhaps he’s had too many English muffins with no spread available, leaving a slightly sour, and too dry feeling in his mouth?

    No idea. Is it in reference to pumping or otherwise prepping an audience or prospective buyer?

    As a general rule I would never buy a book about sales written by a street performer. Come to think of it, I would almost never recommend a book about street performing written by a street performer. There are a couple good ones out there but most of the people who are actually good at it (performing) can’t write or aren’t interested in writing. This leaves a giant glut of “how to be a mime/juggler/whatever” books out there that are trite at best, and downright insulting the rest of the time.

  16. Jack Krebs, Wesley, FTK, Scott, etc. etc. etc.

    All operate on a double standard.

    Krebs for example claims to be above the fray, while he allows vicious attacks against theists of all kinds by board members like Robert Madison at Kansas Citizens for Science, he claims to allow people to register freely when is fact he routinely refuses to activate their registration.

    Wesley claims to be a Christian but in his own way despises anyone who disagrees.

    FTK does the same.

    Etc. Etc. Etc. all basically being fundamentalists but not even knowing it.

  17. Do you have a point, Emanuel? I mean one that fits in this thread?

  18. Blipey!

    It’s so very good to see you again! Please resume posting ASAP, we miss you!

    It’s such a shame that Davey pussed out on your meeting. He really does need some therapy.

  19. Thanks for the message and the vote for content. I really have been working and stuff–and not on the road. The blog was a nice way to stay sane on the road but I’m not often inclined to write–at least not small talk.

    We’ll see, though; I think about posting again now and then.

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