It’s Official: DaveScot is a weak excuse for a human being

So. DaveScot one invited me to look him up anytime I was in Austin–ostensibly so he could kill me with a chainsaw. Why would he want to do such a thing? Well, because I disagree with him about scientific issues and that’s how science is decided–chainsaws.

This invitation devolved (ha! I slay myself sometimes. -homo) into a weird, paranoia driven email that told me to come alone and with some sort of Crackerjack decoder ring, knock twice at a gate, and hop on my left foot for two minutes…seriously, it was weird.

I emailed him back to ask for directions and let him know I was serious about meeting him. He never replied. This is probably due to his never having thought I’d follow through in the first place and now having to back out without looking like a total ass.

I give him a couple weeks and email him again, telling him I’m waiting for directions or I’ll have to call him and make other arrangements. That or let everyone know that he’s ducking me. Well, he replied. And get this, he’s DUCKING me. No, really; stand up, I know you’re shocked, but please, have some water.

Here’s the exchange:


Hey. Just want to remind you that the big day is coming up. You haven’t forgotten, have you? Still need those directions, or I’ll be forced to look you up like you asked me to. That’ll involve a phone call and everything. Just want to make sure that i don’t have to report that you ducked me.


Dear Erik,

Frankly I’m amazed that you’re willing to meet a loose cannon like me under
those conditions. Think about it – meeting a person who despises you,
someone with guard dogs and guns, out in the boondocks on their own acreage
where hunting is legal and the discharge of firearms doesn’t raise an
eyebrow, in a state where it’s legal to shoot trespassers first and ask
questions later… I can only conclude you aren’t very tightly wrapped and
that makes you dangerous. The offer was a test. The expectation was that if
you were sane you’d at least insist on a restaurant or some other safe
public venue. Consider the offer withdrawn and if you come near my property
or family I WILL consider you an immediate threat and let the dogs deal with
you. As a consolation prize I am attaching a self-portrait of myself taken
today with two of our loyal guards. They take their role as protectors of
hearth and home very seriously. You have been warned. Stay away.

With utter contempt,
Dave Springer


Ah, that’s too bad, DaveTard. Looks like you set that up nice, huh? Proud of yourself? A test, if I insist on a restaurant or something, you say I broke the rules and no meeting. If I don’t, I’m “a loose cannon” and the meeting is off. Nice.

Do you really think that no one knows I’m going out to your place and that if I seriously disappeared no one would know that you killed me with a chainsaw? And do you really think that I can’t take care of myself? I’m a person that has toured solo through the Alaskan Arctic, managed to survive as a street performer for years and actually has friends who can know where and how I am. Geez, Dave. One would think that you actually intend to kill me if I go to your house, even under the best of circumstnces. Maybe I should take a page from your friend Bill’s book and call Homeland Security on you? You are a piece of work. Consider yourself looked up. Be expecting my call. I won’t show up at your house since you’re obviously too much of a pussy to deal with it. But, since you like Austin restaurants, maybe yu’ll drop by. I’ll let you know which one I’ll be at by leaving a note under a mailbox near the university.

By the way, nice job on the diet; you look much better than your other picture. Nice looking dogs as well, say hi to them for me.

may gravity be kind,

Erik J Pratt

Here’s DaveScot’s most recent self portrait (I guess):

Free Image Hosting at



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13 responses to “It’s Official: DaveScot is a weak excuse for a human being

  1. djmullen

    Why am I not surprised?

    If Dave should repent and invite you anyway, take along an anemic alleycat. He can keep the dogs at bay while you go for DaveTard’s CheesyPuffs. Be careful, though, don’t let him use his Marine training on you and replace a burnt out light in a helicopter radio when you least expect it.

  2. ben

    It doesn’t look like Dave’s dogs like him very much. They look like they’re expecting to be hit.

  3. J-Dog

    HaHaHaHa! Personally, I think he’s all bluster, and judging by the color of his shirt, I think he speaks with a slight lisp, which is why he doesn’t want to actually meet anyone. Not that it’s wrong… right Dave?

  4. Rich

    He has man-boobs.

  5. Arden Chatfield

    Frigging wuss. Mister Semper Fi can’t handle a visit from a Church Burning Ebola Boy.

    It’s hard to tell if Dave *actually* thinks anyone’s going to be impressed with his ridiculous tough-guy posturing. He’s obviously pissed off that he didn’t frighten you away outright.

    I suggest you try and hold him to the offer of a restaurant visit. 50/50 he wusses out on that, too.

  6. Oh yes. I’m going to give him a call, he’s said he’s in the book. So, either he was and is so frightened by my possible visit that he unlists his number (causing me to get an actual hard copy of the phone book). Or, he was lying in the first place. I’m up in the air as to which is more likely.

    I was going to see if he responded like a nice clown (both of us, for different reasons). But, since he can’t, I’m just going to have to break his rules and call him at his nice, suburban home–wonder where he kept his 300′ pleasure yacht before he sold (stopped lying about?) it.

  7. Arden Chatfield

    Hmmm. If Dave is making up as much bullshit about his home, neighborhood, pets, height, and vehicles as it’s starting to look like, that would explain right there why he’s starting to panic at the thought of getting a visit. Otherwise his fear of you visiting is rather hard to explain.

  8. Rich

    I’m a dell millionaire… (in Lira)

  9. Arden:

    Hmmm. If Dave is making up as much bullshit about his home, neighborhood, pets, height, and vehicles as it’s starting to look like, that would explain right there why he’s starting to panic at the thought of getting a visit.

    This is one of the main reasons I wanted to visit him. It’s quite fun to listen to science-denying weirdos posture and threaten while simultaneously ducking, dodging and evading. I figured that actually showing up to see what the man was like in person would be educational.

    For this same reason, I am going to take up Joe Gallien on his very fine invitation to meet him and get his list of scientists he has humiliated. Joe gave out his address (not something I would recommend, but hey I might as well use it). Somehow, I don’t think I’ll be getting that list.

    These IDers can’t envision someone actually doing a thing that never occurred to them. They would never show up at someone’s house to demand evidence of something because evidence is what they’re least concerned about. It amazes (and apparently, panics) them when someone is as good as their word.

  10. Awww I was looking forward to the post meeting report. I’m soooo disappointed.


  11. What a chicken!
    (Cluck, cluck, cluck)

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