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I found something on my birthday trip

Well, a couple of people (yes, I believe that is the correct small number) have been wondering why A Clown in the Middle has been gathering cobwebs.

Short answer? My interests lie outside of writing–tangential, related, but ultimately moving toward different endpoints. On the road with the tour, this blog was a good way of spouting off about things without having to annoy Janell. It was also a good way to catalog some of the places and things I wanted to remember. However, now that I’m back at home and working in town, the blog fairly far out of mind. I like to be on stage, not behind the keyboard or pencil all that much.

However, I’m on the road again now. Only for the weekend, but it is very reminiscent of the tour. I traveled 380 miles to Garden City, Kansas to perform in the Tumbleweed Festival with StoneLion Puppet Theatre. We’re doing 3 shows this weekend, teaching a workshop, and doing some roving entertainment.

If you’re near Garden City, come out and see the festival–plenty of things for adults and kids alike. If you make it out, I’ll buy you a beer (I find it very unlikely that anyone is close to Garden City).

This being my birthday, combined with the similarity of my tour, I thought this would be a good next entry point. Thanks to those few who have checked in now and again–I can’t promise a lot of content in the future, but I’ll try harder.



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