Ftk washes Salvadore Cordova’s back!

I think that one of the major obstacles in the ID / Evolution weirdness that is going on in a tiny fraction of the world’s population is that of moral turpitude. One of the loudest voices in the pro-ID movement is a soccer mom from Kansas. She goes by the name of Ftk (For the Kids). Her biggest gripe is that scientists are atheists and therefor wrong, because they have no moral code.

Well, it has finally come out that Ftk has no moral code either. In fact, as seen from the following quote which she spoke to a fellow ID supporter, her own moral compass is a little askew. We now have evidence that ID supporters themselves can be adulterers, being friendly with whomever they choose, as long as the team is together!


God be with you, brother. I’ll wash your back…

That says it all.



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5 responses to “Ftk washes Salvadore Cordova’s back!

  1. glarson24

    Well, to be fair, she IS after all, a pirhana, so she has to be surrounded by water. At least until she evolves air-breathing lungs, then legs, etc…

    BTW – since this involves a vomit-inducing word-picture of Sal, shouldn’t this be filed under “sickening” also?

    Yours In Mithras,


  2. My guess: FTK is really PZ Myers doing all this under a pseudonym trying to discredit Christianity and make it look bad. No one who really cared about bringing up kids in a Christian way would make a public show of behaving like this.


  3. Ah yes, file under “vomit inducing”. A fine, fine category, but I’ll hold off for the moment.

    As for Ftk being a super, ultra deep plant of the scientific community, I’ve often wondered how a person could so completely dense. But, I’m going to take her at face value until she proves otherwise, because either way she is exposing the science deniers for what they are. Good on her!

  4. Hey, look who ranks #1 for “ftk kansas tard”.

    You should be proud.


  5. Wow. That’s quite a google page. Ftk certainly does good work.

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