What you thought you knew

December 28, Asheville, NC

Here it is, the start of another tour. While it’s exciting to be back on the road (there’s little I like more than traveling), the pressure of getting a new show up and running is particularly pressing this time. Eight days to get a show from ground zero to performance ready–a little stressful to say the least.

The people are really enjoyable to work with, however–from actors to directors to office personnel. It’s a much better situation than last year’s tour. The people at Poetry Alive really seem to be working not only for the company but for the actors as well. Which brings me to the title of this post.

When you work with a group of professionals whom you respect, it is particularly important to bring your A game to the table. I’m not sure I did this time. Professionalism is something that can be learned, but IMO is more often something that is innate. Sometimes it seems , when you look at it, that you are doing all you can to advance some cause or action. Many times this turns out to not be the case. Rehearsals today proved to be one of those times.

I thought I knew the lines. I thought the words were in my head. I thought that I’d be able to produce a workable product at the start of rehearsal. I was right, but also wrong–by about 6 hours. Around 4:00 pm I was able to produce a show that I was happy with (for a first day). I should have produced this show around 10:00 am.

Sometimes it is the failures that create your best work. I hope this is the case here.


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