To find out what it really means.

Asheville, NC

The title of this post refers to a poem, not any specific poem but to a single poem in general. It is the last line of An Introduction to Poetry, written by former poet laureate of the US, Billy Collins. If you know the poem at all, the irony of the rest of this paragraph many overwhelm you.

With apologies to Billy, I must say that following the advice in his poem is the perfect way to skim across the days of your life, dipping a toe in here and there, without ever really slowing down and taking stock of what you’ve done. You’ll glide on by a lot of stuff which seems important, you’ll see it, hold it, breath it in, then release it to the air and breathe back in the best parts later on. You’ll find yourself wandering here and there, looking out on too many things to put away, things that you’ll wish you’d remembered, and are still glad that you’ve seen.

And maybe that’s the point.


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