Finally, galavanting around the country pays off!

Smithfield, NC

I love my job; just about everything about it: I get to perform almost every day, often I get to teach others how to perform, I get to meet new people on a daily basis, I continually have the opportunity to create something new. One of the biggest perks (and very occasionally a source of the blues) is the travel. In the past 2 1/2 years, I have had the opportunity to visit just about every corner of the contiguous US of A. I’ve scoured the country (including Alaska and Hawaii), performing for hundreds of thousands of people and visiting with interesting characters everywhere.

There are a few people I have not gotten to visit, however: IDiot Extraordinaire DaveScot; Leading ID Theorist and Maytag Repair Man, Joe Gallien; The AtBC Seattle people; many old college pals; and theatre friends. Looks like this time out, I’m gonna clear some of that off the agenda.

In Washington, DC, I met up with Debbie, a friend from my previous life in engineering school. That’s right, Blipey was going to be a rocket scientist (well, a rocket engineer actually–I wasn’t smart enough to be a scientist) and has 109 completely unused undergraduate hours in things like thermodynamics, composition of materials, and partial differential equations, which ate up a lot of money…oh well. Though we talk on the phone a fair bit, we haven’t seen each other in a few years. The Anne Frank tour didn’t go through DC 2 years ago, she was out of town when I came through with The Boston Tea Party last year, and our schedule changed abruptly this year. But, we managed to meet for dinner as I was passing through from Boston to Charleston, SC. It was good to see her and her boyfriend (whom I had never met). She seems to really enjoy living in DC (even with the atrocious traffic). We had some beer at the Gordon Biersch at Tyson’s Center. While I’d seen them before, I’d never been to one. The food was pretty good and very plentiful. The beer was pretty good as well. They’re a bit different than most micro or craft breweries in the United States, as they brew mostly lagers (as opposed to the more prevalent ales).

It looks like I’m going to get to visit with Lou-FCD as well. He’s the moderator of the very informative and funny science group After the Bar Closes as well as the mastermind behind JanieBelle McKnight, the DaveScot duping fictional girl.

Later in Colorado I should meet up with another engineering buddy that I haven’t seen in quite some time. Pat’s a guy who is actually using his engineering degree. Who knew such a thing was possible? Add all of this to last year’s hook ups with friends in California, family members in Colorado, and friends in New York and you can’t complain. Who else gets paid to vacation?



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5 responses to “Finally, galavanting around the country pays off!

  1. We, meatsacks and otherwise, are all looking forward to your visit, blipey.


  2. I am as well. While it will always be more intriguing to me to ponder what the likes of Joe, Dave, and Behe are like in person, I can’t imagine them being as much fun as the folks of AtBC. I regret that I couldn’t attend the Seattle Chapter meetings last year, so we’ll have to start a SE Chapter.

  3. I.

    Just so y’know.

  4. Yeah. I was looking forward to chatting (though perhaps not to seeing the boy in a dress…). Looking forward to the next time I may pass though. I still might get to drop in on Steve in Chapel Hill next week.

  5. Oh I was not about to let him wear the dress, blipey.

    He hasn’t shaved his legs since the funeral.

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