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Sometimes we need more than wishes…

It turns out that our colleague needs a little more than well wishes from everyone. In a quite sudden turn of events, the situation has become much more serious. Medical situations are often scary, especially for those of us who are not doctors and seem to spend most of our time in the dark. The ghosts that lurk in our imaginations are sometimes scarier than what is actually wrong. Sometimes they’re not. A few hours from being released, Nadine was taken to ICU and is in very serious condition. They know the immediate danger, but not an underlying cause.

I don’t think the general populace really understands actors (as if any group of people can be said to be understood…). As a collection of people, an acting company is a very strange group–eclectic, egotistic, caring, brusque, lively, touched, businesslike, and everything in between. Oftentimes, we find ourselves forced into contact and relationships that other people shrink from. Not only do most of us embrace that energy, we seek it out. We often know the people we work with better and in stranger ways than most people care to think about. When it clicks, a cast lives for each other. It lives for the experience. It lives for the show.

The show will go on.

What kind of people does that make us?



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Okay, the lake hasn’t been on fire for some time

Which means: I’m looking for some things to do in Cleveland. That’s right, Cleveland–no longer the worst city in America and not by a long shot. I’ll be there this coming Tuesday night, through Saturday! I am going to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but any other suggestions could be spiffy.

Also, I’ve got a few more days here in Pittsburgh. Not a bad town, really. The road system seems as if it were designed by throwing a large ball of yarn in the air and then paving the land to coincide with the tangled mass of yarn on the floor of city hall, but besides that it’s fine. As an example of the messy road plan: 8th Ave intersects 7th Ave and both run perpendicular to 2nd Ave, which also occasionally overlaps 7th Ave. I’m not kidding. Try following directions to a school here; it’s a riot.

Map of Pittsburgh. The bridge in this map is 2nd Ave. State Route 837 is 7th Ave.

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Don’t make fun of film cameras

My batteries died. No pictures for me. I thought this would be a very temporary situation, little did I know. Janell has a Cannon camera that actually uses film (yes, celluloid, strange). I’ve been poking fun at her for this since the start of the tour, little did I know.

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What can you do in America?

It’s just over a month away! Departure time. I will then be on the road for 8 months, travelling the highways (and mostly biways) of the US of A.

Now, I’ve been to a great many places in this country and can easily amuse myself. However, I’ve also found that the locals always know the coolest places and things to do. So, what I’m asking for is the coolest things to do in your neck of the woods. Doesn’t matter what type of activity it is–what do you like to do?

Tourist traps can be fine, but not exactly what I’m looking for. Restaurants, parks, beaches, cool buildings, museums, swimming holes, live music dive bars, 102 year old residents with cool stories, the largest Amish furniture manufacturer the world, a local kazoo musician’s club…what ya got?

I’ll think about some sort of prize to bestow for the neatest activity I actually do while on tour.


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