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I ate ice cream & bacon…together

Niagra Falls

Sickness has kept me from actually seeing the Falls. I know, everyone should be thinking “you idiot”. True enough, I’m going to agree with you on this one. But being under the weather combined with it being Super Bowl Sunday kept me inside the whole day.

I’ll try to make up for the lack of Falls pictures by talking about Iron Chefs. That’s right, the Iron Chefs on the Food Network. I ate at Lola Bistro while I was in Cleveland last week. Lola is the restaurant of the newest Iron Chef, Michael Symon. I can’t recommend it highly enough; four stars all the way.
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Chattanooga: a really nice zombie town

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Chattanooga, TN

Don’t let the title fool you; it’s not a dis. I love zombie movies and walking around downtown Chattanooga the other day gave me the feeling I was in one. Now there was plenty of auto traffic, and streetlights, and open businesses, but there weren’t any people about. We started out on the south side, where we had lunch and walked around the Chattanooga Choo-Choo complex that’s me on the Choo Choo above). As we wandered north into the heart of the entertainment and art districts, the foot traffic was eerily sparse.
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One for the good guys

It is said that if someone likes a thing they’ll tell one person and if they hate the thing they’ll tell a dozen. Well, having spent my life as a bartender and/or actor, I find this to be completely true. That’s why I’m taking the time to recognize a couple places that just do things the right way.

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In which the hometown gets some props

Kansas City’s a nice place with some nice folk and some very cool things to do. But, it is also a city with an identity crisis and an inferiority complex–not a great combo. Things are getting better: Sprint Center finished this year, KC LIVE entertainment district finished early next, population of downtown growing every year. Still, we can’t help but shoot ourselves in the foot when things start looking too bright: a no-vote on downtown baseball, complete bungling of light-rail and public transport, the wooing of the NFL to put a Super Bowl at Arrowhead (that would be a public relations nightmare for the city that we could never outlive) if we put a potato chip lid on it. All in all, though, I like KC and I’ll probably always have family or property or something there.

That’s why it’s nice to see KC and Kansas Citians get noticed every once in a while. Now, if we can only parlay that recognition into feeling good about ourselves on a daily basis. The USA Today (that’s right, the colorful bastion of everthing blurb-y and veneer-like in the news) did a little story on places to eat and drink when travelling and not one, but two KC places were mentioned.

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Wow, she’d better love you a lot!!!

All I’ve got to say is that your relationship has to be in a very, VERY good spot to allow you to do this:

A Redneck Valentine

This is a real Kenosha, WI sign. Who the hell takes their date to White Castle on Valentine’s Day? Little, I mean really tiny, meat patties on biscuits don’t scream lasting relationship to me, but I could be wrong. I suppose White Castle could be the glue that holds traditional marriage together when all around it is crumbling beyond repair…. Or not.

Can anyone name a worse place to go? I’m straining to think of one, but coming up blank (at least on the comical locations).


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Space Aliens

They’re here. And I have eaten at their restaurant!

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Blipey’s Travel Recommendations

Well, the first 10 week swing of the tour is done. The east coast has been conquered and I’ve had enough turkey to really reflect on the cool and not-so-cool things we did. Okay, really the tryptophan has kicked in and I can’t get up and do anything productive. So here’s the rundown of things to do if you find yourself in the eastern third of the Unted States. Blipey’s things to do from Cincinatti to Boston (and other places you’ve never heard of):

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