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Beale Street, BBQ, and Monologues

Memphis, I’ve always sort of liked you, but this hotel has got to go. It would also have been nicer if you were closer to Chicago. Hellacious drive, 1 AM arrival and a fairly crappy hotel aside, I guess I’ll still like you. Even though it’s Friday, I must get to bed early-ish and rest the voice today. That will not prevent me from having BBQ this afternoon. Tomorrow I audition in the morning and hopefully have callbacks into the wee hours. But, we hours or a bit earlier tomorrow–there will be Beale Street.

Now back to polishing 12 monologues and setting them aside like I already know them well enough. Which, of course, I do. No worries, let’s just get to the blues, bbq, and a little beer.


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In which the hometown gets some props

Kansas City’s a nice place with some nice folk and some very cool things to do. But, it is also a city with an identity crisis and an inferiority complex–not a great combo. Things are getting better: Sprint Center finished this year, KC LIVE entertainment district finished early next, population of downtown growing every year. Still, we can’t help but shoot ourselves in the foot when things start looking too bright: a no-vote on downtown baseball, complete bungling of light-rail and public transport, the wooing of the NFL to put a Super Bowl at Arrowhead (that would be a public relations nightmare for the city that we could never outlive) if we put a potato chip lid on it. All in all, though, I like KC and I’ll probably always have family or property or something there.

That’s why it’s nice to see KC and Kansas Citians get noticed every once in a while. Now, if we can only parlay that recognition into feeling good about ourselves on a daily basis. The USA Today (that’s right, the colorful bastion of everthing blurb-y and veneer-like in the news) did a little story on places to eat and drink when travelling and not one, but two KC places were mentioned.

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In which I try to figure out why I ate school lunch

It is a long and complicated journey, beginning as most long and complicated journeys do: at The Department of Motor Vehicles.

You see, we’re touring the country in a vehicle with expired tags. Why would we be such idiots, you may ask? Well, Janell’s tags expired in October–whilst we were on the road–and a simple request to renew them was made impossible. Janell used to live in Kansas (I know, commiserate later), but became slightly more sane and moved to Missouri–and this move created ripples in the space-time continuum far beyond our feeble ability to comprehend.

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Blipey does irrepairable harm to his lower GI!!!

That’s right; I am an Atomic Wing Survivor. Friday night we ate at the Pittsburgh location of Quaker Steak & Lube. I had the Atomic Wings, wings so hot you have to sign a waiver before they serve you. Why would I do such a thing? I’m pretty sure it’s because I have no one looking out for me; I certainly don’t. You may be wondering how hot Atomic Wings are and even if you aren’t I’m gonna let you know. Atomic Wings are rated somewhere in the neighborhood of 300,000 Scovilles. While certainly not the hottest things you can eat, these wings are right up near the limit of what sane people eat on purpose. As a loose comparison, Atomic Wings are around 75-85 times hotter than Tabasco Sauce.

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Starbucks has killed my coffee!

Okay, to be fair, this incident did not happen at a starbucks. But, I’m blaming them anyway (so much for fairness). Why can’t rent-a-baristas be bothered to learn about the product they’re selling?

We stopped at some service area off the New York Thruway on the way to Albany. I decided to get a cappucino so I wouldn’t fall asleep and kill us. Yes, I know there’s not much caffeine in a cappucino, but it satisfies the oral fixation…especially with the baklava that I was getting to go with….

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