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You never know who you’ll run into

New York City

Last night we went to a reading of a new play in midtown, at a bar called Nation (on 45th, between 5th and 6th), put on by Prophecy Productions. A friend of Michelle’s was directing it and so I had higher expectations than I might have otherwise. What??? No automatically high expectations for theatre in New York? That’s right; there’s a whole lot of crappy theatre done in New York–and sometimes I think I’ve seen most of it. Think about it, a city of 8+ million people (plus the burbs) is bound to turn out a lot of bad work based on sheer volume alone. Of course, with 8+ million people, there’s a lot of good theatre going on as well. My point is that the good stuff isn’t just falling out of the sky, you have to search it out like anyplace else.
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An overdue apology to Kentuck-ah!

Cadiz, KY

A good portion of last year was spent making fun of the Commonwealth of Kentucky (I mean, come on, the commonwealth…). Sure, there are sections of highway where the houses alternate between million dollar mansions and burned out trailers (with equal numbers of each over any ten mile stretch). But the commonwealth also has a great deal of natural beauty and a lot of friendly people.
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Of Mountain Men and Millionaires

Asheville, NC

I asked today, “Why is this town here?” Now, in print, that could read like a terrible dis. Actually, it could sound that way in person as well, but I didn’t mean it that way.
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Anyone know a good counsellor for DaveScot?

Yes. Dave has eplied again. I think it is interesting to note the issues he addresses and the ones he does not. Violence is a big issue for Dave, maybe someone should look in on him before he hurts someone? His latest communication in two parts. The first is about the meeting. For those of you who just want a funny look inside the mind of a true moron, read the second part about his diet, bodytype, and powerlifting abilities. GO TEXAS!!!

DaveScot’s last email:

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Small towns: not what you think they are

Here we are in Watseka, IL. I know, I know, a booming metropolis if ever you saw one. Population: 5,700 (as of the year 2000). It’s not particularly close to the Chicagoland megalopolis, on US 24 and IL 1. My mom lives in a small town of 6,200 in the suburbs of Kansas City, MO. You mght think these towns would be similar. Well, here’s the thing.

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Who (or where) are your neighbors?

I found this migration study very interesting. My home state of Missouri continues to lose people at a trickle. However, my home town of Kansas City continues a recent swing of slow population increase (woohoo). Are people fleeing to or from your state? Why?


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The School as Identity

Our last show of the semester was in Plainview, OK. For the small minority of people who may not know where that is, think Colorado. Seriously, it’s way out in the panhandle of Oklahoma, in the only county in the nation that borders 4 states: Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, and Texas.

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