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Anyone know a good counsellor for DaveScot?

Yes. Dave has eplied again. I think it is interesting to note the issues he addresses and the ones he does not. Violence is a big issue for Dave, maybe someone should look in on him before he hurts someone? His latest communication in two parts. The first is about the meeting. For those of you who just want a funny look inside the mind of a true moron, read the second part about his diet, bodytype, and powerlifting abilities. GO TEXAS!!!

DaveScot’s last email:

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It’s Official: DaveScot is a weak excuse for a human being

So. DaveScot one invited me to look him up anytime I was in Austin–ostensibly so he could kill me with a chainsaw. Why would he want to do such a thing? Well, because I disagree with him about scientific issues and that’s how science is decided–chainsaws.

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Blipey uses the Batman Logic

A couple of weeks ago I wondered why there was a phone in my hotel bathroom. I was assured that it wasn’t just that I was in Kansas.

Well today, in Utah, I walked into my hotel bathroom and discovered a phone.

Some people may let this situation throw them. I remembered a scene from Batman (1966) and this really helped me out. My thought process:

1. Kansas starts with “K”
2. Utah starts with “U”
3. Taken in chronological order, this spells “KU”
4. KU is populated with Jayhawks
5. Jayhawkers are strange, at best
6. Phones in bathrooms are strange
7. Holy Alexander Bell, Batman, a degree from KU qualifies you to install phones in hotel bathrooms!


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Is this the real Kansas?

I’m afraid it is and I’m in it. We’ve been in the western part of Kansas for most of the week and I’ve seen some kooky things. Starting with the telephone in the bathroom at our hotel. That’s right, there is no phone in the bedroom area of the room, or the desk area of the room, but the bathroom? Oh yeah, just in case you need to call your bookie from the crapper. And the flourenscent light underneath the sink in same bathroom is inexplicable. Yes, that’s the light that comes on when you flip the switch. Maybe it’s for the Munchkins when they visit?


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Continuing Our Non-posting of Anna Nicole Smith

What the hell? These are search terms that people found A Clown in the Middle with today.

Search Views

anna nicole clown face 20
anna nicole clown 6
anne nicole smith clown face 2
anna nichole clown 2
anna clown face 1
annanicole smith acting as a clown 1

What the hell? Do these people not have anything better to do? What exactly is the obsession with famous people who are famous for being famous? I don’t get it. There is something about the juxtaposition of Anna Nicole Smith & clown face that I really like, however.


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Funny stuff in the workplace

A couple of goofy things have happened in the show this week. It got me to thinking about some of the funny stuff that has gone on in shows I’ve done over the years. That, in turn, got me to thinking about what funny stuff happens to other people who have real jobs. Well, I’d like to hear about them. So, please spill your guts about the funny stuff that has happened to you on the job. And I mean “funny ha-ha” not merely stupid. Examples below the fold.

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Wow, she’d better love you a lot!!!

All I’ve got to say is that your relationship has to be in a very, VERY good spot to allow you to do this:

A Redneck Valentine

This is a real Kenosha, WI sign. Who the hell takes their date to White Castle on Valentine’s Day? Little, I mean really tiny, meat patties on biscuits don’t scream lasting relationship to me, but I could be wrong. I suppose White Castle could be the glue that holds traditional marriage together when all around it is crumbling beyond repair…. Or not.

Can anyone name a worse place to go? I’m straining to think of one, but coming up blank (at least on the comical locations).


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