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Wow! Dr. Simmons is a Tard!

This is something you don’t often get a chance to hear: an Intelligent Design supporter debating an actual scientist. Dr. PZ Myers of the University of Minnesota-Morris and author of Pharyngula (link on the sidebar) was on KKMS radio debating Dr. Simmons, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute of Seattle (the leading ID think tank). Take a listen, not a good day for Intelligent Design. I was surprised at how fairly the debate was moderated. The only thing that surprised me more was the complete lack of preparation Dr. Simmons put into being on the show.

Simmons pwned by PZ


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Ftk washes Salvadore Cordova’s back!

I think that one of the major obstacles in the ID / Evolution weirdness that is going on in a tiny fraction of the world’s population is that of moral turpitude. One of the loudest voices in the pro-ID movement is a soccer mom from Kansas. She goes by the name of Ftk (For the Kids). Her biggest gripe is that scientists are atheists and therefor wrong, because they have no moral code.

Well, it has finally come out that Ftk has no moral code either. In fact, as seen from the following quote which she spoke to a fellow ID supporter, her own moral compass is a little askew. We now have evidence that ID supporters themselves can be adulterers, being friendly with whomever they choose, as long as the team is together!


God be with you, brother. I’ll wash your back…

That says it all.


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It’s Official: DaveScot is a weak excuse for a human being

So. DaveScot one invited me to look him up anytime I was in Austin–ostensibly so he could kill me with a chainsaw. Why would he want to do such a thing? Well, because I disagree with him about scientific issues and that’s how science is decided–chainsaws.

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Who’s interested in the facts?

Not Ann Coulter, for starters.

I was reading this on Ed Brayton’s awesome Dispatches from the Culture Wars. I’m going to give my impressions here, along with the above link to her un-scholarly behaviour. I think it should be posted far and wide by as many people as possible. I do not say this because Ann Coulter is the subject, but because of how she goes about her business. I take to task anyone who acts the way she does.

In our multi-media inundated lives, we are constantly beseiged by information. What can we do to insure we’re being fed the right information? Well, the easiest thing is to be personally curious, to be engaged in your own life. Don’t be spoonfed your information, check it out. Or at least check out your sources, as Ms. Coulter has failed to do. Then you can build a database of people you trust. Unfortunately, it is easier to trust sources without putting in the work of checking their veracity–which is why people like Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Moore, etc have such mindless followings. I’m not saying every member of their flocks is mindless, but too great a percentage of each flock is willing to be led to slaughter for the sake of a political issue (usually a fairly narrow one).

Let’s get the facts right, and then the debates will be meaningful. How ’bout it, Ann?

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If Only My Fantasy World were True!

Quickly becoming my favorite “well researched” blog for the discriminating right winger, Shock and Blog weighs in on the merits of stem cell research.

Many centuries ago, learned men strove to turn lead into gold. Today, learned men strive to turn embryonic stem cells into miracle cures. Obviously, very little has changed in all that time.

Yes! Stem cell research is the same as alchemy! Which puts it on par with ID! An exciting development that biologists have probably been waiting for for years. They can now justify taking their psuedo-scientific Theory of Biology into the schools!

Seriously, can Jason really be saying that stem cell research has produced the same results as alchemy? Namely, none. Perhaps he didn’t look here.

In theory, stem cells can replace the cells in damaged or diseased organs. Now, a collaboration of researchers from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Cornell University and The University of Connecticut have put that theory into practice. They have coaxed stem cells from mouse embryos to develop as types of brain tissue that have cured a Parkinson’s-like disease in mice.

-emphasis added

I can certainly understand how Jason could’ve missed this, as he is most likely completely uninterested in the facts concerning stem cell research.

And it is kind of a pain in the ass to sort through the dozens of papers one gets with a simple search of PubMed.

The most telling part about his claim is that it is not an ethical attack on stem cell research.  Rather, he comes right out and lies about the progress being made in the field. Ah, well. as with many anti-science types:

“The truth is what I want it to be.”


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