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Bad BBQ, Blues to die for

Charleston, SC

I can’t say I’m a fan of Carolina BBQ. Granted, this is personal taste, but I HATE vinegar. Carolina BBQ really does nothing right in my opinion. First, there’s the vinegar based sauce (actually having a sauce may be a nod over Memphis style BBQ, but I hesitate to confirm). Secondly, there’s the chopped meat aspect–who dices meat for BBQ? Thirdly, there’s the slaw; why would you serve perfectly good meat over cole slaw? What can I say; I’m from Kansas City.

South Carolina, however, came up roses as concerns a second passion of mine–the blues. We’re doing shows in Charleston this week and got lucky enough to be here during the Low Country Blues Bash. There are blues bands spreading happiness all over the city this week. This evening I went to The Pour House and heard Eddie Shaw and the Wolfgang. This is the best blues band I’ve heard in 2 years. Eddie “Vaan” Shaw Jr. may be the best guitar player I’ve ever heard–controlled, crisp, expressive, fantastic.

The Pour House is a blues joint through and through. There’s no food, only beverage. They have a nice beer list, about a dozen or so on tap and several dozen bottles. I had an Allagash Brewery Trippleboch for the first time. This was a very nice beer; a tad sweet to drink a lot of, but quite good. The liquor list is short but the drinks are good.

If you’re in Charleston in February make sure you check out some of the Blues Fest.



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Beale Street, BBQ, and Monologues

Memphis, I’ve always sort of liked you, but this hotel has got to go. It would also have been nicer if you were closer to Chicago. Hellacious drive, 1 AM arrival and a fairly crappy hotel aside, I guess I’ll still like you. Even though it’s Friday, I must get to bed early-ish and rest the voice today. That will not prevent me from having BBQ this afternoon. Tomorrow I audition in the morning and hopefully have callbacks into the wee hours. But, we hours or a bit earlier tomorrow–there will be Beale Street.

Now back to polishing 12 monologues and setting them aside like I already know them well enough. Which, of course, I do. No worries, let’s just get to the blues, bbq, and a little beer.

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Rock & Roll is here to stay

Holy Cow! The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland is completely awesome. I need to go back, but will not be able to because of its only bad feature: it’s only open until 5:30 pm. Seriously. Not even open until dinner time…

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Double the Music and a beer to boot

Attended the Indy Irish Festival here in Indianapolis; it’s basically a music festival with a few merchandising opportunities thrown in.  The music was good, the merchandise a little spotty but alright.  I don’t want to make it seem like the artists were crap, just not a very wide selection.  For those used to Renaissance Festivals (especially the large, several week affairs), it seemed a little tiny and lackluster from a crafters perspective.

The music, however, was very good and from quite a wide portion of the globe: Louisville, Dublin, Glasgow, parts of Canada…very nice.  This was the only entertainment, though!  There was a small children’s area, but I’m not counting that.  I’m going to send them my information.  They need a juggler at next year’s festival.  And that juggler needs to be me.  There was plenty of opportunity to entertain away from the music stages, so I think it might fly.

And later in the evening, we went to one of my favorite Blues Bars anywhere, The Slippery Noodle Inn.  we arrived a bit early, had a bite to eat and a little bit to drink.  Then we went to the back room and saw a great blues band from Chicago called the Groove.

Off to Cinci tomorrow, might check in on the aquarium there.  Don’t know yet.

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