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Wow! Dr. Simmons is a Tard!

This is something you don’t often get a chance to hear: an Intelligent Design supporter debating an actual scientist. Dr. PZ Myers of the University of Minnesota-Morris and author of Pharyngula (link on the sidebar) was on KKMS radio debating Dr. Simmons, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute of Seattle (the leading ID think tank). Take a listen, not a good day for Intelligent Design. I was surprised at how fairly the debate was moderated. The only thing that surprised me more was the complete lack of preparation Dr. Simmons put into being on the show.

Simmons pwned by PZ


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Where the heck did winter go?

Henderson, KY

Sure, I’ve been in North Carolina and Kentucky for the last two weeks, but really, is it too much to ask of nature to at least fake winter? Yesterday in Cadiz, KY (I learned today that it’s pronounced: KAY-dees) it was in the sixties. Today, in Henderson it got to sixty as well. It rained a little–very winter-like. That was enough for the Fantastic Sam’s across from the hotel to be closed because of the weather. Seriously, the handwritten sign on the door said, “Sorry, due the weather, we are closing early.” Now, I assume that had to due with the tornado warning that was briefly issued for the area, but it was still an odd sign to read.

Fortunately the Chinese restaurant was still open. For dinner, not a haircut.

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An overdue apology to Kentuck-ah!

Cadiz, KY

A good portion of last year was spent making fun of the Commonwealth of Kentucky (I mean, come on, the commonwealth…). Sure, there are sections of highway where the houses alternate between million dollar mansions and burned out trailers (with equal numbers of each over any ten mile stretch). But the commonwealth also has a great deal of natural beauty and a lot of friendly people.
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Where Blipey has been the last 2 weeks

That’s from the top of Loveland Pass, Colorado, elevation 11,990 ft.
I haven’t posted any photos of the tour in quite some time, so I thought I’d fix that. The last two weeks have been spent in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah. Below the fold are a few more of the very cool things I’ve seen.

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