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A Thread for Ftk to avoid science and get personal

I’m starting this thread so that everyone’s favorite science-denying, soccer mom can get to know me. Laughably, she accused me of trolling on a thread about Dr. Behe’s mousetrap example of Irreducible Complexity. My crime?

Discussing the mousetrap example of Irreducible Complexity. I know, stupid me. In the same thread, she asked me the following questions (which are apparently appropriate on a science thread):

So….tell me about Blipey. Married? Kids? Brothers, sisters? Where did you go to college? Have any normal friends there?

So, here is the perfect thread to discuss those things; maybe she’ll drop by and ask a few questions?



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To Austin we trip…

…in order to trip in Austin.

No, not like that. The total mental disconnect will be even greater, however. DaveScot, the blog czar at Uncommon Descent, once invited me to look him up whenever I was in Austin. He also threatened to kill me with chainsaws–looking forward to it.

So, after many months of touring the country the opportunity has presented itself. I will be in Austin, TX on May 12 and 13. I’m sure we will talk about the wonders of Intelligent Design, how exactly he violates the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics by typing, why gravity is the strongest force in the universe, and why every Tom, Dick and Harry should be allowed to decide school curriculum.

Actually, I expect that we won’t discuss any of these things because DaveTard will be conveniently absent. We’ll see; the improbable does sometimes occur.

It seems I may have another tour booked talking to crackpots. Here and here.

If you have any questions that you would like me to ask DaveScot, post them here or at the original thread.


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If only my legislators worked so hard :(

It must be a slow legislative day in New Mexico. There is actually a bill in the house chamber that seeks to restore Pluto to planet status. This would only be binding in the State of New Mexico. Oh, and what the hell? Does the legislature of New Mexico have nothing better to do? Are there no homeless people there? Does everyone have decent health care? How’s the unemployment rate?

“WHEREAS, New Mexico state university and Dona Ana county were the longtime home of Clyde Tombaugh, discoverer of Pluto; and WHEREAS, Pluto has been recognized as a planet for seventy-five years; and WHEREAS, Pluto’s average orbit is three billion six hundred ninety-five million nine hundred fifty thousand miles from the sun, and its diameter is approximately one thousand four hundred twenty-one miles; and WHEREAS, Pluto has three moons known as Charon, Nix and Hydra; and WHEREAS, a spacecraft called New Horizons was launched in January 2006 to explore Pluto in the year 2015.

Well, pass or fail, I can only hope there is no debate. It would be a shame if New Mexico becomes the first American government body to waste time on something frivolous.


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Misplaced Discipline?

California, land of dreams and golden highways, gives us an example of what our elected officials should really be doing with their time (and our money). State assemblywoman Sally Lieber has introduced a bill to outlaw spanking.

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Can you read?

This is a question I am seriously contemplating asking everyone I meet this week. I haven’t found a book store in any town we’ve been in (only 3 days, so far, but yikes). And to top it off, neither of our hotels so far has offered a paper–first time that’s happened all year. What have I learned this early new year? People in Columbus, NE and Jackson, MN don’t like to (can’t?) read.

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Was there a Communist uprising I missed?

I am an Anti-Communist!

Your only Non-Communist Third Party Slave Freedom Alliance candidate for President of The United States, seeking the Libertarian, Constitution, Southern, Goldwater-Reagan Conservative, Independent, Reform and Boston Tea Party nominations.

I love this! That’s quite a bloc of voters he’s after. Really if that’s all the votes he’s after, why even mount a campaign and waste the money?

Does he really have to include the “only” qualifier at the top of his intro? Hmmmm.

Well, read all about him at Chapman for President and remember sometimes it does matter who you vote for.


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