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A Thread for Ftk to avoid science and get personal

I’m starting this thread so that everyone’s favorite science-denying, soccer mom can get to know me. Laughably, she accused me of trolling on a thread about Dr. Behe’s mousetrap example of Irreducible Complexity. My crime?

Discussing the mousetrap example of Irreducible Complexity. I know, stupid me. In the same thread, she asked me the following questions (which are apparently appropriate on a science thread):

So….tell me about Blipey. Married? Kids? Brothers, sisters? Where did you go to college? Have any normal friends there?

So, here is the perfect thread to discuss those things; maybe she’ll drop by and ask a few questions?



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Good Old Fashioned Education!

Travelers Rest, SC

Drove past Bob Jones University today. Strangely, I had no desire to stop.

Physics anyone?

Modern Physics This course investigates the elementary structure of matter, Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, the nature of radioactivity, and the issues involved in estimating the age of the earth.


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Wow! Dr. Simmons is a Tard!

This is something you don’t often get a chance to hear: an Intelligent Design supporter debating an actual scientist. Dr. PZ Myers of the University of Minnesota-Morris and author of Pharyngula (link on the sidebar) was on KKMS radio debating Dr. Simmons, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute of Seattle (the leading ID think tank). Take a listen, not a good day for Intelligent Design. I was surprised at how fairly the debate was moderated. The only thing that surprised me more was the complete lack of preparation Dr. Simmons put into being on the show.

Simmons pwned by PZ

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To Austin we trip…

…in order to trip in Austin.

No, not like that. The total mental disconnect will be even greater, however. DaveScot, the blog czar at Uncommon Descent, once invited me to look him up whenever I was in Austin. He also threatened to kill me with chainsaws–looking forward to it.

So, after many months of touring the country the opportunity has presented itself. I will be in Austin, TX on May 12 and 13. I’m sure we will talk about the wonders of Intelligent Design, how exactly he violates the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics by typing, why gravity is the strongest force in the universe, and why every Tom, Dick and Harry should be allowed to decide school curriculum.

Actually, I expect that we won’t discuss any of these things because DaveTard will be conveniently absent. We’ll see; the improbable does sometimes occur.

It seems I may have another tour booked talking to crackpots. Here and here.

If you have any questions that you would like me to ask DaveScot, post them here or at the original thread.


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Is there a worse use of federal money?

This is from yesterday’s USA Today, page 1.

Federal grant money will be going to teach abstinence to 29 year olds.

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Jonathan Wells & Critical Analysis

That’s right, Mr. Wells of the Discovery Institute has a brand new book with brand old content. It does, however, have a catchy new title: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design. If only content were as important to Mr. Wells as marketing appeal….

Read the fiskings by Reed Cartwright and others here.

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Do you really need a toothbrush after the Rapture?

Or during, for that matter?  Well you can now put your second coming fears to rest, the good Reverend Jim Bakker will supply you with all you need…for only $150.00!  That’s right, as I read in The Pitch Weekly this week, you can get your own Revelation Generation Packpack!

For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with Rev. Bakker, he’s now preaching the truth from that mecca of holiness, Branson, Missouri.  You can watch a live taping at The Studio City Cafe’.  I hope they have good coffee.

Who buys this stuff?  Seriously, if the world is ending around you, are the following items going to help you out of a tough spot:

1.  a loud whistle?  seems to me you might not want to attract that much attention to yourself with demons running loose and all

2.  a set of 4 colorful cups?  uh, can I save a couple bucks if you just give me the army green?

3.  a New Testament?  Now, given the situation you find your self in, this may seem useful.  My question is, why not throw in a copy of the Old Testament for free?  Seems you might learn a little more about your current environment from that particular fire and brimstone work.

4.  a water resistant pouch (for important documents)?  Shouldn’t Saint Peter already know who I am and all…giant guest book, etc?  Will I really have to prove who I am to anyone in the middle of total chaos?  Who’s going to stop and make sure I’m not lying? Who cares?

That’s alright, Jim boy needs all the support he can get; land is expensive in Branson these days.

Anyone have any suggestions of items to improve the pack?


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