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I Love NY…don’t get knifed

The Bronx, NY

New York City can be a great place; I like it lots. Then there are the nights you may get knifed. I just wanted to go to sleep and get up at 6:45 am to go do a show. That’s not really all that different than most days of my life. So, the show’s in Westchester County–not a particularly cheap place to get a room. That being the case, we’re staying in the Bronx (still not cheap by most standards, but better). We’re in the north Bronx; I don’t expect a great hotel, just some place to lay my head. This is the EconoLodge, nothing to write home about, but at least it’s a national chain with a bit of quality control.

So sometime after midnight there’s a huge (and supremely loud) domestic disturbance going on in the lobby. My room is right off the lobby so the fight is hard to ignore. I figure the clerk will solve this problem somehow. Several minutes later (4 or 5, probably) it’s still going on. I start to think, “Maybe the desk clerk is one of the parties arguing.” A couple of minutes later, the fight changes locations to right outside my window–seriously, 4 feet from my bed. I go out to the lobby.
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Some people just don’t know how to think

Everyone’s favorite science denying soccer mom, Ftk, is showing off superior critical thinking skills again. In a discussion–as such things exist at her blog–about evolution and common descent, she cites first class whack job DaveScot as an authority in proper argumentation technique.
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Anyone know a good counsellor for DaveScot?

Yes. Dave has eplied again. I think it is interesting to note the issues he addresses and the ones he does not. Violence is a big issue for Dave, maybe someone should look in on him before he hurts someone? His latest communication in two parts. The first is about the meeting. For those of you who just want a funny look inside the mind of a true moron, read the second part about his diet, bodytype, and powerlifting abilities. GO TEXAS!!!

DaveScot’s last email:

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Continuing Our Non-posting of Anna Nicole Smith

What the hell? These are search terms that people found A Clown in the Middle with today.

Search Views

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What the hell? Do these people not have anything better to do? What exactly is the obsession with famous people who are famous for being famous? I don’t get it. There is something about the juxtaposition of Anna Nicole Smith & clown face that I really like, however.


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I need to join the ranks of…well, everyone. So, I just want it to be known that A Clown in the Middle strongly believes that this non-story should go away. We feel that the only way this can happen is for us to tell everyone that the death of ANNA NICOLE SMITH will not be exploited on this blog.

There is no way that ANNA NICOLE SMITH will be mentioned, even if a white Ford Bronco is involved. We stand with Wolf Blitzer of CNN in believing the only way to appropriately report this story with dignity, allowing the family a little privacy, is to splash the name ANNA NICOLE SMITH all over the place. And in Wolf’s case, add a nice collage of images of her face and breasts. WTG, Wolf.

So, once again, if you want stories of ANNA NICOLE SMITH, go, uh…everywhere else on the planet: newspaper, TV, radio, internet, whatever. You will get no ANNA NICOLE SMITH here.


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Math Education vs. Generic Stupidity

I’m not sure which to chalk this one up to, maybe both.

I was in Westlake Hardware today, buying some lubricating oil for my razor. What stupidity could possibly occur on such a mundane errand? Change making.

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