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Best piece of physical theatre I’ve seen in some time

I was flipping through channels at my hotel the other night and saw this guy in the middle of his audition for So You Think You Can Dance? Amazing. He might not be the best popper I’ve ever seen (then again, he might be), but his sense of flow and theatrical flair make him the most engaging popper I’ve ever seen.

This video is going to be required watching for all my theatre students until the end of time.


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Sometimes we need more than wishes…

It turns out that our colleague needs a little more than well wishes from everyone. In a quite sudden turn of events, the situation has become much more serious. Medical situations are often scary, especially for those of us who are not doctors and seem to spend most of our time in the dark. The ghosts that lurk in our imaginations are sometimes scarier than what is actually wrong. Sometimes they’re not. A few hours from being released, Nadine was taken to ICU and is in very serious condition. They know the immediate danger, but not an underlying cause.

I don’t think the general populace really understands actors (as if any group of people can be said to be understood…). As a collection of people, an acting company is a very strange group–eclectic, egotistic, caring, brusque, lively, touched, businesslike, and everything in between. Oftentimes, we find ourselves forced into contact and relationships that other people shrink from. Not only do most of us embrace that energy, we seek it out. We often know the people we work with better and in stranger ways than most people care to think about. When it clicks, a cast lives for each other. It lives for the experience. It lives for the show.

The show will go on.

What kind of people does that make us?


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Well wishes for a company member

Natick, MA

Today was a very topsy-turvy one for Poetry Alive. One of our actors was hospitalized today and everyone went into crisis control. It doesn’t appear that anything major is wrong, but we have no word as to what happened as of yet. The other five casts have scrambled to cover shows that need to be covered, made crazy drives out of the areas they were previously in, and used up large portion of their cell minutes making changes and asking or updates.

Truly, the shows must go on; it’s what we do. But, they go on with thoughts of Nadine in each of them.

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And you never know what they will do

Rochester, NY

Every once in a while a day just slaps you in the face. Sometimes that slap hurts. Sometimes it’s a wake up call. And sometimes it serves as a reminder that you’re doing the right thing. Friday was of the latter sort of day. We were doing shows at an upper elementary school in Westborough, MA and there was a perfect theatrical moment in our second show. A fourth grader took it upon himself to really be a part of the show. It was a brilliant moment.
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You never know who you’ll run into

New York City

Last night we went to a reading of a new play in midtown, at a bar called Nation (on 45th, between 5th and 6th), put on by Prophecy Productions. A friend of Michelle’s was directing it and so I had higher expectations than I might have otherwise. What??? No automatically high expectations for theatre in New York? That’s right; there’s a whole lot of crappy theatre done in New York–and sometimes I think I’ve seen most of it. Think about it, a city of 8+ million people (plus the burbs) is bound to turn out a lot of bad work based on sheer volume alone. Of course, with 8+ million people, there’s a lot of good theatre going on as well. My point is that the good stuff isn’t just falling out of the sky, you have to search it out like anyplace else.
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What you thought you knew

December 28, Asheville, NC

Here it is, the start of another tour. While it’s exciting to be back on the road (there’s little I like more than traveling), the pressure of getting a new show up and running is particularly pressing this time. Eight days to get a show from ground zero to performance ready–a little stressful to say the least.

The people are really enjoyable to work with, however–from actors to directors to office personnel. It’s a much better situation than last year’s tour. The people at Poetry Alive really seem to be working not only for the company but for the actors as well. Which brings me to the title of this post.
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I found something on my birthday trip

Well, a couple of people (yes, I believe that is the correct small number) have been wondering why A Clown in the Middle has been gathering cobwebs.

Short answer? My interests lie outside of writing–tangential, related, but ultimately moving toward different endpoints. On the road with the tour, this blog was a good way of spouting off about things without having to annoy Janell. It was also a good way to catalog some of the places and things I wanted to remember. However, now that I’m back at home and working in town, the blog fairly far out of mind. I like to be on stage, not behind the keyboard or pencil all that much.

However, I’m on the road again now. Only for the weekend, but it is very reminiscent of the tour. I traveled 380 miles to Garden City, Kansas to perform in the Tumbleweed Festival with StoneLion Puppet Theatre. We’re doing 3 shows this weekend, teaching a workshop, and doing some roving entertainment.

If you’re near Garden City, come out and see the festival–plenty of things for adults and kids alike. If you make it out, I’ll buy you a beer (I find it very unlikely that anyone is close to Garden City).

This being my birthday, combined with the similarity of my tour, I thought this would be a good next entry point. Thanks to those few who have checked in now and again–I can’t promise a lot of content in the future, but I’ll try harder.


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