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Good Old Fashioned Education!

Travelers Rest, SC

Drove past Bob Jones University today. Strangely, I had no desire to stop.

Physics anyone?

Modern Physics This course investigates the elementary structure of matter, Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, the nature of radioactivity, and the issues involved in estimating the age of the earth.



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Finally, galavanting around the country pays off!

Smithfield, NC

I love my job; just about everything about it: I get to perform almost every day, often I get to teach others how to perform, I get to meet new people on a daily basis, I continually have the opportunity to create something new. One of the biggest perks (and very occasionally a source of the blues) is the travel. In the past 2 1/2 years, I have had the opportunity to visit just about every corner of the contiguous US of A. I’ve scoured the country (including Alaska and Hawaii), performing for hundreds of thousands of people and visiting with interesting characters everywhere.

There are a few people I have not gotten to visit, however: IDiot Extraordinaire DaveScot; Leading ID Theorist and Maytag Repair Man, Joe Gallien; The AtBC Seattle people; many old college pals; and theatre friends. Looks like this time out, I’m gonna clear some of that off the agenda.
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I ate ice cream & bacon…together

Niagra Falls

Sickness has kept me from actually seeing the Falls. I know, everyone should be thinking “you idiot”. True enough, I’m going to agree with you on this one. But being under the weather combined with it being Super Bowl Sunday kept me inside the whole day.

I’ll try to make up for the lack of Falls pictures by talking about Iron Chefs. That’s right, the Iron Chefs on the Food Network. I ate at Lola Bistro while I was in Cleveland last week. Lola is the restaurant of the newest Iron Chef, Michael Symon. I can’t recommend it highly enough; four stars all the way.
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Chattanooga: a really nice zombie town

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Chattanooga, TN

Don’t let the title fool you; it’s not a dis. I love zombie movies and walking around downtown Chattanooga the other day gave me the feeling I was in one. Now there was plenty of auto traffic, and streetlights, and open businesses, but there weren’t any people about. We started out on the south side, where we had lunch and walked around the Chattanooga Choo-Choo complex that’s me on the Choo Choo above). As we wandered north into the heart of the entertainment and art districts, the foot traffic was eerily sparse.
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An overdue apology to Kentuck-ah!

Cadiz, KY

A good portion of last year was spent making fun of the Commonwealth of Kentucky (I mean, come on, the commonwealth…). Sure, there are sections of highway where the houses alternate between million dollar mansions and burned out trailers (with equal numbers of each over any ten mile stretch). But the commonwealth also has a great deal of natural beauty and a lot of friendly people.
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Of Mountain Men and Millionaires

Asheville, NC

I asked today, “Why is this town here?” Now, in print, that could read like a terrible dis. Actually, it could sound that way in person as well, but I didn’t mean it that way.
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I found something on my birthday trip

Well, a couple of people (yes, I believe that is the correct small number) have been wondering why A Clown in the Middle has been gathering cobwebs.

Short answer? My interests lie outside of writing–tangential, related, but ultimately moving toward different endpoints. On the road with the tour, this blog was a good way of spouting off about things without having to annoy Janell. It was also a good way to catalog some of the places and things I wanted to remember. However, now that I’m back at home and working in town, the blog fairly far out of mind. I like to be on stage, not behind the keyboard or pencil all that much.

However, I’m on the road again now. Only for the weekend, but it is very reminiscent of the tour. I traveled 380 miles to Garden City, Kansas to perform in the Tumbleweed Festival with StoneLion Puppet Theatre. We’re doing 3 shows this weekend, teaching a workshop, and doing some roving entertainment.

If you’re near Garden City, come out and see the festival–plenty of things for adults and kids alike. If you make it out, I’ll buy you a beer (I find it very unlikely that anyone is close to Garden City).

This being my birthday, combined with the similarity of my tour, I thought this would be a good next entry point. Thanks to those few who have checked in now and again–I can’t promise a lot of content in the future, but I’ll try harder.


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