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Where the heck did winter go?

Henderson, KY

Sure, I’ve been in North Carolina and Kentucky for the last two weeks, but really, is it too much to ask of nature to at least fake winter? Yesterday in Cadiz, KY (I learned today that it’s pronounced: KAY-dees) it was in the sixties. Today, in Henderson it got to sixty as well. It rained a little–very winter-like. That was enough for the Fantastic Sam’s across from the hotel to be closed because of the weather. Seriously, the handwritten sign on the door said, “Sorry, due the weather, we are closing early.” Now, I assume that had to due with the tornado warning that was briefly issued for the area, but it was still an odd sign to read.

Fortunately the Chinese restaurant was still open. For dinner, not a haircut.


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Cold, must find fire…so cold….

Okay, it’s not cold enough that I’m breaking the hotel furniture apart to stoke the flames, but it is cold. We’re sitting in Racine, Wisconsin (just south of Milwaukee) and it has been below freezing most of the day. Yesterday we were in Chicagoland and it was -8 F when we got up. Today it was -4 F and warmed all the way up to 8 F.

It was so cold that our liquid laundry soap froze into some sort of gel, but a gel that was almost completely solid. I really don’t know what the freezing point of laundry soap is, but I kind of thought it would be like that of antifreeze–really low; guess not.

At least it’s not Teller, Alaska. I was stranded there one day because it was too cold for the planes to fly. No, really, that’s what they said. Incidentally, that was one of two things I learned in Teller. The other was that if a plane lands in the field you’re standing in: GET ON IT! This is true even if it’s not the exact plane you were expecting. A plane will take you somewhere else; from that new somewhere, you will most likely be able to get to where you want to go. If you don’t get on the plane, hoping instead to get on YOUR plane, you will get stuck in Teller. Who Knew?


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I think I woke up in Alaska

I’ve been to Alaska more than once and I’ve toured the Bering Strait during the winter, but this blows. I like winter more than the next guy; seriously, it’s my favorite season. You get fires and hot chocolate, mulled wine and snowball fights, sledding and gleaming ice-covered trees; it’s a lovely time of year.

It’s 5 below at the moment with a windchill factor approaching 20 below. Because I’m living in hotel rooms every day I wanted to pack as light as possible. I was pretty sure I would not be showing up in Lapland or Siberia, so I didn’t bring a parka or the beaver-skin hat. I guess I needed to; this is the warmest place we’ll be in 4 days. At least we’re not going to International Falls, MN–windchill factor -50 F.


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Ah, Winter ’tis here!

We’re in Wisconsin this week (and part of last) and I get to see winter! I don’t see much winter anymore; I’m from Kansas City. Kansas City used to have winter, but now we just get ice. Ice is different than winter. Winter is snow and sledding, fires and hot chocolate, frost on the windows, and chill nights that wrap the world in silence. Ice is pretty, but heavy and damaging, power-line destroying, and undrivable.

So, I’m happy to say it’s chilly AND snowing here from Green Bay to Fond du Lac. I love it.

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