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Simper Fie, He’d rather die

Denton, TX

That’s right. Everyone’s favorite IDiot and all around science denier, DaveTard Springer answered his phone!

Once upon a time, over a year ago, he told me to call him up any time I was in the area and he’d get together with me to discuss the issue of ID in the public school classroom. For those of you who remember that, you will also recall that it didn’t quite work out that way.

Well, here I am in Texas again for a few days. So, I thought I’d call him up again, see if he’d had a change of heart (or balls). Surprisingly, it went down like this:

DaveTard: Hey.

Blipey: I’m stopping by your neck of the woods.

DaveTard: You are?

Blipey: Yeah.

DaveTard: Who is this?

Blipey: Blipey.

DaveTard: Uhhh…

Blipey: Yeah. I could stop if you want to show me your dogs, or something.

DaveTard: Uh, no. No interest.

Blipey: Oh, that’s….

DaveTard: Don’t call back. *click*



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