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Strange Place Names

We’re here at the best named city on the tour so far. Maquoketa, IA (Ma-quo-ka-ta). It’s not the best named place I’ve ever been, of course. There’s Peculiar, MO (just south of Kansas City). There’s Pink, OK (really, there is). And of course Paducah, KY.

What’s are the best named places you’ve ever been to?



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Blipey’s Travel Recommendations

Well, the first 10 week swing of the tour is done. The east coast has been conquered and I’ve had enough turkey to really reflect on the cool and not-so-cool things we did. Okay, really the tryptophan has kicked in and I can’t get up and do anything productive. So here’s the rundown of things to do if you find yourself in the eastern third of the Unted States. Blipey’s things to do from Cincinatti to Boston (and other places you’ve never heard of):

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Go Mizzou!!! Ralk, Chalk, Chickenhawk!

University of Missouri Tigers 42

University of Kansas Jayhawks 17

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Blipey’s got a stone!

But not a valuable stone made by geological forces. It’s a submandibular lymphatic calcium deposit. And it is delicious. I’m told it will go away in 10 days or so…that’s 4 days from now. If it doesn’t, they’ll want to biospy it–not delicious. I think it is affecting my recovery from laryngitis and I have shows again starting on Monday. Delicious.

sounds of a struggle….

We apologize for the clown, he keeps using the word “delicious”. We don’t think it means what he think it means. The clown has been sacked.

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Do Cartoons have any content?

Is it just me or do today’s cartoons have exactly zero content? As I’m eating breakfast at the hotel this morning, I find myself watching the Cartoon Network with some kids here in the lobby. I’m not sure what we’re watching, but it seems to be a cartoon based entirely on the writers(???) playing Tony Hawk 2007. Almost everything in the cartoon is characters from the game skating in different skate parks. There will then be a minute or so of talking (plot?) and then back to skating.

Wouldn’t just playing Tony hawk 2007 yourself be better for you? At least you’d be working on your small motor skills and decision making. I have the same question of the Yugi-Oh cartoon. Why watch other pople play the game on TV? Just play it yourself.

Or, go outside and play some baseball, go sledding, something….

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All the Vegas Shows in One

Saw Finis Henderson (pronounced HEN – dur – son…oh the other part: FI – NUS) at Hilarities in Cleveland on Friday. He’s a vocalist and impressionist who is first rate, performing in Vegas and on Cruise Ships. Read about his act below the fold.

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Darn kids! Shouldn’t you be playing hookie?

Not that I endorse that practice in any way, of course.  Don’t play hookie, kids.  Also, eat your vegetables.

We’ve got shows the day before Thanksgiving.  That’s:  1) craptastic  2) load-a-liscious  3) poo-rific  4)  all of the above  5) none of the above?

There answer is 5.  Craptastic and  load-a-liscious are sort of interesting and would be correct.  Poo-rific is just stupid and hopefully you can figure out 4 and 5 yourselves.

There is slightly good news, however; we’re in Indianapolis on Wednesday so my sister gets to see the show.  The bad news is an 8+ hour drive to Kansas City to get home.  Oh well, we gain an hour going that way so here’s to football and triptophan (sp?).


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